Prayer Of The Holy Death

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Holy Death Santa Muerte Prayer

If you are a true believer of the Holy Death, we invite you to read the following prayer because we know you will do it with respect and you will give it all the attention that the Holy Death deserves. But if you have simply come here to laugh at our beliefs, we kindly ask you to leave the website. The following prayer is very powerful because it speaks to us of the family, of the envy and bad energies that come into our home. And it also tells us about work and money. That is, all those fundamental things for life, health, love, money and many other issues of relevance. If this prayer serves you in any way, we invite you to believe that it is a comment on the bottom to tell us how it influenced your life. The holy death always present in our hearts, and today more than ever, to face the difficulties we live daily. This prayer to holy death will never lose its strength because we will always maintain an immense love for the skinny.

Before your Divine Presence God Almighty,
Father Son and the Holy Spirit,
I ask for your permission to invoke
The Holy Death.
My White dauther.
I want to humbly ask that you break
and destroy all spells
and darkness that may present
itself before my persona,
in my home,
and on my path.
Holy Death
Please relieve me of all envy,
poverty, hate, and unemployment
and I ask that you please grant me (...)
Enlighten, with your holy presence,
my home, my work
and those of my loved ones,
award us love,
prosperity, health and wellbeing,
blessed and praised be your charity Holy Death.
I give you infinite thatnks
because I see your charity
throught your tests
which are perfecting my spirit.
Lord I give you thanks
because in the midst of these tests
I will have your
Holy Blessing.