Prayer Of The Cigar - Holy Death

Holy Death Prayer Of Cigar

Holy Death Prayer Of Cigar

What happens when we're not reciprocated in love?. Love is a very powerful, very strong feeling. Many people despair and don't know how to get the person they are looking for to start a communication that will lead to a lasting relationship. That's when holy death comes in. The holy death in your life will be the architect of many things. The work that you lack, the business that went wrong, the health that leaves you. All that can be resolved by the enormous power of holy death. And if holy death is able to do all that I have named, how could I not be able to solve a relationship between two people who can come to love each other. With this prayer of the cigar you can attract a person, as long as it is not something forced, ie given the possibilities for that person also love you. Holy death will never force someone to do something they don't want to do, it doesn't work that way. But if there is a possibility that a person will come back to love you, holy death will make it possible. Never think that you will have holy death on your side to perform negative and harmful actions. She, contrary to what many think is a being of goodness, justice, and love. Let us then make this prayer of the cigar in which the holy death will help us to be close to the person we love.

It is advisable not to inhale the smoke, but simply to take each puff into the mouth and then blow it right out with the prayer. Tobacco is a conduit for prayer, a vehicle through which prayer can more effectively travel to the realm of the spirits.

I invoke your presence in the name of the Holy Death.
the signal that I ask of you,
you shall give to me,
the ashes have to fall,
if they want to speak of me,
they have to open their mouths
and with this prayer they shall come docile,
desperate and remorseful a the very soles of my feet.
Soul of the four winds,
you, whom roam free around the world,
I want you to bring back (...)
by the Seven Spirits and Seven Souls,
make them change their love life and return to me,
with the great power of Death.
You, whom roams free around the world,
on the streets, hills and towns,
if you find his/her soul...
do not let him/her go unnoticed,
until he/she comes humble at my feet;
if he/she be sitting down,
do not leave he/she alone;
place thoughts of me in his/her mind;
if he/she is asleep then let him/her dream of me,
he/she may not rest in peace,
because he/she hears your whispers on his/her ears.

When the celebrant is finished the cigar is placed in front of an image of a spirit or ancestor. Alternately it can be taken out and buried in the ground. Pipes should be emptied outside and the tobacco should be scattered on the soil.